High Speed Nomads

Before embarking on our trip I got really into high speed video, and I thought: hey why not add a non-compact, fairly heavy, with a extremely data intensive camera to a already large list of tech gear that I planned on lugging around the world ? The workflow with such a data intensive camera is not exactly suited to travel, but none the less I have been using it here and there, getting some cool footage. I hope to start incorporating more of this high speed stuff into the blog.  Below are a couple edits just messing around. They do feel somewhat incomplete without better grading and some additional bells and whistles, but as I have been sitting on this for a bit I think ill just move on to upcoming stuff. 

This first video edit is mostly with clips from Tasmania but also includes a few Moorea bits thrown in. It was fun shooting with Tess and Halsey our friends from Tassy. Definitely the emotional highpoint is Halsey's high speed biscuit eating (Aussie speak for a cookie).

The second video is a compilation of clips from an afternoon walk around downtown Melbourne.  Everyone looks slightly zombified in high speed but especially the corp execs.

All footage was shot with the ts3cine camera. If your curious about the camera you can find out more info about it here:

- James