Post Teepee travels

Staying in the Teepee’s in Huon Valley was a pretty cool experience. At some point in the night we exhausted our “beverage” supply, and Halsey and I made a poor decision to go back to the welcome area where they had been selling bottles of wine. ln our defense it was only 9:30, but the early sunrise made it pretty dark.The fact there were no lights on should have been a clue, but lets just say there wasn’t a great reception at the welcome area.

The next day we woke up and made our way back to Bruny Island with Halsey and Tess. Along the way we stopped in at the local market where we stocked up on local produce. We made our way down to past the Bruny Ferry and did a bit of cheese maker recon at Grandvewe Cheeses, which makes all sheeps milk cheese. I am not normally a fan of Blue cheese but theirs was very delicious.

After the ferry ride and once back on Bruny Island, we drove up north to Dennes Point. The surf for the last 5 days had been all blown out with the normally prevailing northerly winds giving way to a southern storm system. This caused all the normal spots to have pretty poor onshore conditions. However, we had heard that there was a place that had been surfed on what we guessed was the northern point of the island, so we went to take a look. Unfortunately no surf was found, but we were treated once again to some awesome scenic views.