Surfing at Haapiti, Moorea

The inaugural post on brooklynnomads.... thank-you, thank-you.  Actually I really should apologize about the state of affairs on our little blog here. We ended up finding out that quitting your jobs, moving all your possessions to a secure location, tying up lose ends, making travel arrangements, figuring out what to bring, closing banks accounts, opening bank accounts, getting insurance, and the like was a bit over our heads. Especially since we tried to do most of it in a mad 2 week bonanza. Oh, and I also had to throw in a little proposal to the woman I love, and fellow Brooklyn nomad. I could easily start rambling here, but my point, I believe, was to say that we neglected to get our blog running. You know, our much discussed but never had the time to start, website.  Bear with us, as we actually have some free time now, we will hopefully get things in order relatively soon....

And on the the point of this post!  I had an amazing experience right out of the gate on our first destination Haapiti, Moorea, French Polynesia. I was lured to this place by the reputation of great surf, at a non life threatening level.  Anyone who has seen pictures of Teahupoo on the island of Tahiti would probably not recommend sending out someone who has basically been behind a computer desk for the last 5 years.  So instead we went to the island just to the east of Tahiti, Moorea. However, the reef pass at Haapiti isn't a total stroll on a sunday afternoon, as its quite a distance from shore. Luckily the place we are staying has a pretty nice little setup to get you out there. I had an amazing first day out there on Tuesday; Beautiful water, beautiful mountains, dolphins, fun surf.  So, today I brought along our little waterproof camera (thank you Mr. Mcgee !! ) and took some rather shaky footage. I whipped up this little video, cause I just had to share what an amazing time it was. It wasn't very easy to get good surfing footage, but hopefully this will illustrate the zen of it all. The experience of towing my surf board on a 35 minute kayak ride to the surf was amazing. The whole experience also makes me think I should learn to tie awesome knots. Being stuck out at sea with your kayak drfiting away would probably suck pretty hard. "life of James" anyone ?? (3d of course). As you can see in the video, the surf was pretty fun size.  Its supposed to get to 20ft later in the week, so there maybe be a memorial post in the near future.