Cuz Reunion in Bali

In Lembongan we boarded a ferry back to Bali mainland to meet my cousin Kelsey who would be joining us for the next month, to explore Bali and start Malaysia together.  I was so excited to see her and delve into Bali’s cultural side together.  James and I scoured Seminyak for a cheap 3 person room that would not scare Kelsey (nothing like mothballs to cover the scent of mold in a bathroom) and also give her a good night’s rest after 23+ hours of travel.  We found the perfect room with a Balinese ambiance for a good price at Seminyak Paradiso Hotel. 

Though her flight was delayed, finding her at the airport was easy and it was positively surreal to spot Kelsey in the middle of mostly Balinese people coming off a flight from Jakarta.  Kelsey seemingly experienced no jet lag and jumped right into the travel life – including brunch plans with her old friend Amy who is working in Singapore and happened to be in Bali for the weekend! 

Shortly before leaving for SE Asia Kelsey launched a blog to document her own travels, Kelsey put us to shame with up to the minute blogging and you should check out all her adventures which took her through 6 countries in 7 weeks.